We Bake With Natural Ingredients. No Artificial Color, Flavor, Unnecessary Additives.







We are happy offer a Shaved Ice Tent Program to organizations/business/corporations/individuals/trade shows/parties interested in having us set up inside or outside of your location. We make Shaved Ice using our shaved ice machine and variety of flavors.

Shaved Ice can help you cool down on a hot Texas day. But more than that, it makes everyone happy! When we sell Shaved Ice for $4 a cup, .50 cents of every cup will go to an organization of your choice. We want to make a difference with every shaved ice we sell. If you don’t have a special organization you want to donate to, we can pick one for you.

Questions about our Shaved Ice Give Back Program, please call Nancy or Don at 512 657 7336 or email info@chocolatedropconfections.com.  Very excited to share some happiness and make a difference.



Don and Nancy